Ipsy Subscription Review

There are a lot of monthly subscriptions boxes available these days…. beauty boxes, animal boxes, art boxes, food boxes, mom/baby boxes, wine boxes, and so on. I can’t afford to have multiple subscriptions, so I currently receive ipsy’s glam bag. A friend suggested this beauty box to me and I am so glad she did!

For only TEN DOLLARS a month, I receive “a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products.” (From ipsy website) You fill out a survey with your basic info (skin color, eye color, hair color) and then what kinds of products you are interested in (lotions, lips, eyes, hair care, nails, etc). Your beauty products are selected to match your answers. (And you can retake the quiz at any time to adjust what you’re getting.) Once you receive your bag and try out the products, you leave reviews which further adjust your preferences.

Here are a few of my ipsy glam bags, oldest to most recent…

I never took a photo of my September glam bag, and I was out of the country when October and November arrived. When I was finally back in the States, I was so excited to open the two packages (always a bright pink bubble envelope) and see what was inside that I forgot to take a photos again. (You can easily find reviews by searching “ipsy (insert month) unboxing” on youtube.)

Out of all the other beauty boxes, I chose ipsy because each month, the products come in a cute makeup bag. I have yet to run out of uses from them! I use a few in my purse to keep things organized and the others hold everything from my daily makeup basics to my shopping coupons!

Even though you can upload photos and videos of your use of the products, I’m not particularly active in the online community. I do frequent the tutorials, though. They’re super helpful and great for gathering your own ideas. As a subscriber you can earn points by reviewing your items and sharing them on facebook. You use those points to “purchase” extra items for your glam bag. In saying that, if you sign up through THIS LINK (or the one above) it helps me earn a few extra points. Each member gets a personalized link to share with friends as another way to earn points. Help a girl out?

*As much as I wouldn’t mind a job at ipsy, I am not employed by them. This review is solely my opinion. I am just a big fan and want everyone to know how great ipsy is. I wouldn’t suggest signing up for something to any of you that I don’t participate in myself.

I’ve heard some really great things about other monthly boxes!
Are you a subscriber to any? 
Which ones?
Tell me about them!


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