Resale Groups on Facebook

My six-week backpacking trip taught me to live with less, and I’m incredibly thankful for that lesson. Therefore, I have been going through my belongings and setting aside a TON of stuff to sell in a yard sale. Whatever doesn’t sell, I will donate.

Sure you can list your unwanted things on eBay or craigslist, but I have found listing my items on Facebook resale groups far more profitable. Think of them as online garage/yard sales. The groups are generally local, working within smaller geographical areas, a few cities or maybe a county, (but I have also seen groups for an entire state). People post photos, details, and a price of the item they are trying to sell. Then, someone comments on the photo to ask questions regarding the object(s) or to show interest in purchasing the item. Once an item sells, the buyer and seller agree on a place to meet and exchange goods for money.

Some groups are wide open, with no organization, and anything goes (camping equipment, firearms, baby clothes, accessories, you name it, you can sell/buy it). These aren’t for me. Nothing seems to sell, for anyone, in these types. I tired multiple Facebook groups before I came across one that works. My current resale group operates verrry efficiently. In order to get into the group, you must already know someone who is a part of it. This helps keep things local and potentially more safe. There are group moderators, strict rules on buying and selling, and they even organize a group meet once every week. The group meet is probably my favorite part. It allows to my make my transactions in a safe environment, in a crowd of people doing the same thing I am doing. Sellers park in specific rows (A-F, G-N, O-Z) so buyers can easily find them. It’s all very organized, and more importantly safe.The group itself is very active and things are constantly selling! I listed a few items and sold one within the first day of listing! Sometimes you get multiple people wishing to purchase that you have to go in order of who commented first! How great is that!

Now, here are a few tips on reselling your items through facebook groups:

  • Find an active group(s). Browse the group, read comments, see if things are actually selling. Read the group rules and see if you like the way the group is run. Find a good fit for yourself. And it’s totally okay to sell within multiple resale groups, just remember not to cross list!
  • GREAT PHOTOS! I cannot stress this enough. There are plenty of times I’m interested in purchasing an item, but the photo is off putting… there’s a dirty room in the background, the lighting is bad, someone’s holding a small item in their hand and their nails are disgusting, they’re selling a patterned blouse and photographing it on a patterned couch, etc. These types of photo do not make me want to purchase their item. Take the time to photograph your things is well-lit areas (preferably those lit naturally by the sun). Have a neutral background that doesn’t take attention aways from the object you are trying to sell.
  • Accurate descriptions. Don’t lie. Be honest. Disclose if the item as scratches/stains/tears/etc, if you are in a smoking household, or if you are in a pet-friendly home. The more details you share, the more information the buyer will have. Who want to ask a tons of questions? No one. You’re more likely to sell and item if you provide all the information up front. Include things like size, color, and dimensions. There are also all kinds of fancy abbreviations and specifications. Here are the ones I’ve learned…
    • NWT = new with tags
    • NWOT = new without tags
    • NIB = new in box
    • GGC = gift-giving condition
    • EUC = excellent used condition (no real visible wear or damage, but has been used)
    • GUC = good used condition (shows some wear from intended purpose, i.e. washing of clothes, reading, playing, but no damage)
    • Used = shows wear and (may) have minor damage but still able to be used for intended purpose
    • As Is = obvious overt wear or some damage but can be repaired or used for parts
    • SF = smoke free
    • PF = pet free
  • Be kind. Handle yourself like an adult. Be polite. Karma is a bitch.
  • Patience. Sure you think your things are grand, but that doesn’t mean they will sell quickly. Follow the group rules, only “bumping” as many times as is allowed. If you’ve had your item up for some time without any luck, try reducing the price or listing it in different resale group (but do not cross-list).

Happy Resale Selling!


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