One garment, thirty ways.

Versalette vs Hipknoties

I recently found a piece of clothing that is very versatile called the Versalette, a “one size fits all” garment which can be worn 30 (yes, THREE ZERO) ways. While this garment is pretty badass, it’s $110. I don’t have that kind of money lying around to spend on such an item. Well, luckily I am apart of a wonderful group on facebook for female solo travelers. I posted the Versalette to see what my fellow sisters thought and it turns out there’s a very similar, more affordable product called Hipknoties, which sell for $60-75. The Hipknoties come in three lengths: mini (32 inches), midi (44 inches), and maxi (60 inches). Each length is still one size fits all and there are endless color options. The Versalette has only one length and three colors.

While I am not able to compare these garments side by side by trying each of them on, I vote for the cheaper option.

 Do any of you own either of these two garments?


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