Panzerotti di Luini – Milan, Italy

In November 2014 I spent a three days (out of a six-week backpacking trip) in Milan, Italy. Other than visiting Santa Maria dell Grazie to stand in front of Leonard’s Last Supper and staying in an amazing hostel (Ostello Bello), my favorite part of the trip was eating panzerotti.

Fillings, both savory and sweet, are spread onto puffy sourdough, folded, and then fried. The texture is phenomenal (sorta like a doughnut), and the taste, combined with the fillings, is sensational. Oh, what I would do to have another right now! Sigh.

Panzerotti di Luini is quite popular among locals, as well as well-informed tourists. It is located near the Duomo, just behind the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan’s designer shopping hotspot. Just a counter and a couple chairs, Panzerotti di Luini is a small place. There are almost always long waiting lines, but it is worth your time. I was lucky enough to be traveling out of season, so I did not have to stand around at all really.

There is a McDonald’s right across the small side street and I could not believe how many (obvious) tourists chose american cheeseburgers over a place with a line out the door! I wanted to slap them silly!

I only found Luini’s the second day I was in Milan by wandering around, but it was so tasty, I went back for round two on my third and final day. I prefer savory to sweet, so I ended up having two savory and not a single sweet panzerotti. I am quite disappoint in myself for that. (What the hell was I thinking?!)

For right around five euros a piece, panzerotti are most definitely a MUST-EAT in Milan.

Have you ever eaten a panzerotto?
Savory or sweet?
Which was your favorite?


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