DIY: Dry Shampoo

I have tried a zillion dry shampoos (mostly the aerosol kind), but I just cannot seem to find one that works for me.

Make my own!

cornstarch and cocoa powder

It is super simple and requires only ONE ingredient, with an optional second. For you light-haired babes out there, you simply need cornstarch. If you have dark hair, like myself, just add some cocoa powder and mix well. It will keep your roots from looking powdery-white.

DIY Dry Shampoo… as simple as cornstarch (and cocoa powder)!

dry shampoo container

I put my diy dry shampoo in an old bareMinerals foundation container, and I use one of my old bareMinerals “flawless face” brushes to apply the mix at my roots. Any air-tight container and brush will do. In the past, I have also just shaken some of the mixture on my scalp straight from the container and used my fingers to “rub” it in.

Happy “more-days-with-great-hair” !!!


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