Words of Wisdom Wednesday, no. 12

Every Wednesday I share a quote that resonates with me in some way. This is miscellany‘s twelfth installment of WoWW

there are some places in life you can only go alone

I agree with this 100%! I adore traveling solo! Honestly, I think every single human being should take at least one trip solo in their life, even if it is just for a short weekend an hour from home. Everyone should learn to enjoy their own company. Travel already schools you when your doing it, but traveling alone… well, you just learn so much more about yourself and what you are truly capable of. There is no one else to depend on, there is no one else to plan around, there is no one else to please.

Solo travel is selfish travel, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

Enjoy your journey to self-discovery…
you can only travel that path alone.


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