Handmade Monday: Jennaboo Boutique

Welcome to the fourth artist interview on miscellany!

yellow flower crystal mobile
Mobile with Yellow Flower and Crystals ($65)

(1) Tell us about yourself: I currently live in Fairfax, VA with my husband and our 2 daughters.  I’m a stay at home mom to a 3 year old and 1 year old so my days consist of playgrounds, snack times and trying to fit in making unique pieces for my shop.

(2 & 3) Tell us about what you create & tell us about your handmade art business: I create crystal baby mobiles and unique hair bow holders that are fit for a princess. I’ve always been a creative person and loved making things but I didn’t start JennabooBoutique until my daughter was born.  I wanted an ultra-glamorous and feminine mobile for her nursery and I just couldn’t find what I wanted.  I gave up searching and made the mobile I saw in my head. The vision I had was my pink tutu crystal mobile.  I loved how it came out and so did everyone else!  After I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter I had so many ideas for mobiles and room decorations that I knew I needed an outlet for my creations and that’s how JennabooBoutique was born.  I am inspired daily by my amazing daughters.  I think my items stand out because they are unique, one of kind pieces that you can’t find in a store.  I create pieces that are meant to be centerpieces that will have everyone asking you where you got it!

Pink crown and tutu hair bow organizer ($30)
Pink crown and tutu hair bow organizer ($30)

(4) Tell us about your customers: My target customers are new mothers who are looking for a glamourous baby mobile or friends and grandparents who are looking for unique gifts for little girls.

Infant Halloween Tutu ($17)
Infant Halloween Tutu ($17) — Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, so I just had to feature this cute tutu!

(5) Tell us where we can find your art: Currently, I only sell my items on Etsy, but my goal for next year is to start up my own website.

(6) Tell us about your support: I run my shop by myself and make all of the items in my shop by myself.  I do all the work myself, but have a very supportive husband and family. I do most of my work while my daughters are sleeping otherwise I would have 2 very eager “helpers.”  On occasion they help with quality control and perform the “toddler tug test” on the crystal mobile strands.

Pink tutu and crystal mobile ($70)
Pink tutu and crystal mobile ($70)

(7) Tell us about your favorites: My favorite piece in my shop is the pink tutu crystal mobile because it was the first style that I made for my daugthers nursery and the original one is still hanging in her room.  It was also the first mobile that I ever sold, other than the white one I sold to my pregnant friend, and it just so happened to be on my birthday.  (I like to think that it was a birthday present from my recently deceased dad-my dad wasn’t a big phone call guy, but he always called me on my birthday without fail.  He found out he was sick in the summer of 2013 and I closed my shop to be with him and care for him. Sadly he passed away in October.  It took me several months before I reopened my shop again. My birthday is in March and I was dreading it because I knew he wouldn’t be calling me.  On my bday I got my first real sale and it was the pink tutu mobile and it was purchased by someone from the tiny town in WI that my dad is from).

(8) Tell us anything else: Etsy is an incredible forum filled with immensely talented people all of whom I admire. The best advice I can offer other artists is to be patient.  Etsy sales don’t come overnight, but with some persistence and patience it will happen!

Yellow and Grey mobile with tulle and crystals ($75)
Yellow and Grey mobile with tulle and crystals ($75)

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the interview with Jenn! Please take a look at all the wonderful items in her shop and consider purchasing a mobile or two!

Don’t forget to check back next Monday for my interview with Diane of Wild Atlantic Craft!


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