#365grateful Challenge

I completed the #100happydays challenge a while ago and it really helped me zone in on photographing the little things that made me happy. It really changed the way I viewed each day and I starting realizing I could find multiple happy things for each day.

“The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see.” -Dr. Robert Holden


After watching a friend work on the #365grateful challenge, I have decided to do it for myself. Each day, for one whole year, I will post a photograph of something I am grateful for. While I really wish I had a polaroid camera to do so, I will be sharing my 365 day journey on my personal instagram and twitter account. I’m so happy to have inspired friends to start the #100happydays challenge and thankful to have now inspired a few other friends to do the grateful challenge with me.

I’ve already started the challenge; today is day twelve.
Here’s my grateful photo.  

Day 12 | #365grateful | Inheriting my Uncle Joe’s big, tacky duck. I LOVE this thing, always have. So grateful to have it as my own now.



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