My Golden Birthday!

When it comes to birthdays, I’m a low-key kinda girl. I don’t like all the attention and hustle of a big birthday celebration.

Yesterday was my golden birthday – 28 on the 28th.


I slept like shit overnight; tossed and turned. Anxious about turning another year closer to 30, I guess. Thankfully, I had the entire day off from work.

First thing I did was take a forever-long hot shower. Ah. Water had always been my element. After getting ready I went down to our apartment’s leasing office to pick up a package from my family. I carried it back up stairs, sat on the couch, and fought with boxes inside of boxes and loads of tape (thanks brother) to get it to the good stuff. And boy oh boy did they spoil me. Lots (not kidding) of thoughtful little gifts and practical ones, too. A couple sweatshirts, a few candles (with amazing scents), spices (love to cook), comfy slippers with little panda heads (my middle name is Amanda aka Amanda Panda), a great floppy-ish hat for fall, another Alice in Wonderland doll to add to my collections, and so much more.

I got the day going by having brunch with a few girlfriends, light fare and several MIMOSAS! After that I went out shopping and found the rest of what I needed for my halloween costume (Poison Ivy) at Jo Ann Fabrics, then picked up a few new earrings and a ring at Forever 21. Nothing extravagant. I had lunch at Maggiano’s. I had never been; it was good. It is still weird eating Italian food in the US after having been to Italy.

Anyhow, I came home and took a nap (WINNING!), trying to catch up on the lost sleep from the night before. Finally Austin got home and took me for a mystery drive…. to BEST BUY! We’d looked at Macintosh products last week and considering future options for me, as my macbook had began the bad habit of crashing. We looked at desktops, the mini mac, and the macbook air. I first went with the mini mac…. far cheaper and we already had a compatible display (not mac), but I like the slickness of everything matching. I have my beloved iPad mini, so I initially brushed off the laptop. Last week we left with nothing because I couldn’t decide. Last night we left with a new macbook air! YAY! Austin is so incredibly good to me. I like the portability of the laptop, and that it is so light to carry (aka easier to travel with). And since I’ve been blogging, I needed something more user friendly/more power than my iPad mini and obviously something better than a six year old crashing macbook.

This morning I work, but tonight is Thirsty Thursday…. $1 house wines and $1 Yuengling. I plan to spend my evening sipping on cab with maybe some friends. Tonight is the night almost everyone can go out, but I don’t know that I want to celebrate big. We’ll see.

tldr; I’m two years from 30 now. And my boyfriend it too good to me & bought me a new macbook air.


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