Handmade Monday: Ananke Jewelry

Welcome to the eighteenth artist interview on miscellany!
brown mandala necklace
Brown Mandala Necklace ($30.50) << My Favorite!

I grew up in Novi Sad, Serbia and currently live in Tel Aviv, Israel with my husband (just married!!), two cats and a rabbit. I spend most of the day in my home studio with some good background music, where I create jewelry, taking pictures or reading

About three years ago, I started to make jewelry. Somehow, between jobs, studies and endless art experiments, I found myself doing something that I’ve never thought about before. It started when I was playing with polymer clay for the first time and made necklaces for my friends and family. Playing with different materials and colors became my new obsession. After a while, my mother told me I should finally start doing what I really love and she was right. When I opened my online shop, a new world has been discovered. The more I learned, the more interesting I found it all. The inspiration comes from the nature, from its beautiful shapes found everywhere, from the four seasons, and a little bit of sacred geometry. The main goal is to make people enjoy the little things. My jewelry is happy, energetic and made with love & good vibes. I love changes, so the shapes, colors or materials are always a bit different

Blue Leaf Necklace ($33.50)
Blue Leaf Necklace ($33.50)

Lately, after getting married with my favorite man, I made a big step, left my job and started a new life. Ananke Jewelry became a full time job and I can’t wait to see it growing! It’s like a dream coming true

The name ANANKE has a personal meaning for me. It comes from a moon of Jupiter. It used to be called Jupiter XII (twelve), which is probably my lucky number, because I was born on 12/12. Sagittarius, my astrological sign, is ruled by Jupiter
In Greek mythology, Ananke was the personification of destiny & necessity

My studio is a room in our apartment. My desk is surrounded with shelves, pictures and colorful boxes. Sometimes my cats sit and work with me too

Boho Feather Necklace ($34.50)
Boho Feather Necklace ($34.50)

My audience is handmade lovers, mostly women who love simple, bohemian style jewelry or nature lovers, but the items in my shop can fit any style or occasion. Many times the buyers are men who are looking for a gift for their loved ones

All the items for sale can be found in my Etsy shop. I also like to share the process and some pictures from my everyday life on Instagram and Ananke Jewelry Facebook Page

I also started to cooperate with few local shops and hope to create more international relations in future,
meet more interesting people and their projects.

Right now I work alone, but I have a really big support and love from my family & friends for everything I do. They are my best teachers

My favorite blog is Sandra Diekmann,(Illustratior). I’ve just purchased some of her beautiful works. I also love Geninne’s art and Kirsty Elson’s art

Collar Necklace ($33.50)
Collar Necklace ($33.50)

My favorite necklace from my shop is a chain necklace: www.etsy.com/listing/241671257. It looks like a part of mandala when you wear it and its simplicity and “optimistic” look is a reminder for me to stay simple and positive. It was “born” when I was doodling in my notebook, without planning to make a necklace out of it

For the end, I would say that, if you really love & believe in what you do, there’s no reason to be afraid to show it. The most important thing is, that doesn’t matter what it is, just spread the love and smile, it can be that little thing that made someone else’s day happier

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the interview with Dana! Please take a look at all the wonderful items in her etsy shop and consider purchasing a piece or two!


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