So… I’m moving to Colorado.

It has been awhile; I’m sorry to be MIA for so long.

But, now I am finally back!! And will be working harder than ever on miscellany.

My life changed in February, but when one door closes another opens. I have found my true happiness… and that happiness resides in Colorado with a young man named Nicholas.

The story of my boyfriend and I isn’t typical. We went to high school together, although we were never close, never hung out with the same crowd. We have been Facebook friends forever and have liked each other’s posts and images periodically, but never really spoke. In April 2016, he messaged me looking to become pen pals and to catch up. I received a classical, beautifully handwritten letter from him shortly after. It took me so long to respond (one month plus) that he contacted me on Facebook again to make sure I had even received his letter. I suggested we FaceTime and ever since that first night, after not seeing each other in TEN years, we each knew how things would turn out. I’ve fallen for Nicholas, and I’ve fallen hard. I’m eternally thankful the Universe has sent him to me. I’m so in love and so incredibly happy.

After spending a two-week “trial period” (haha) in July, I realized I needed to be with Nicholas in Colorado as soon as possible. I had the most amazing time working on his organic farm and exploring the beautiful outdoors with him. The original plan was for me to move to Colorado in October, but we couldn’t wait that long, so now my one-way flight is August 17th. We’re not quite sure where we’ll end up after his season ends, other than a road trip back to our families in Florida during November. We’re considering staying in Colorado for a season or two, but who knows? There are so many options for us; the world is our’s for the taking.

I’m moving to Colorado to begin a new adventure with my person, my partner, my better half.


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