Testing Out Colorado

I just recently traveled to Colorado for two weeks to spend time with my new boyfriend Nico, who currently resides there. We considered those weeks as a sort of “trial period” for our future, even though we both knew we would work so incredibly well together. So well in fact, that soon I will be calling myself a Colorado resident, too! (See this post for more about Nico and my upcoming move.)

Nicholas manages an organic farm in the North Fork Valley. While I was staying with him, I “earned my keep” by weeding beds, harvesting vegetables, washing/packing the produce and helping in any other ways that I could. I learned a lot in the two weeks that seemed to fly by.

(Click each image to view its full size.)

We didn’t spend my entire trip on the farm of course… we made quick trips into town for groceries, hit up a few thrift stores as well as a couple rock/gem shops, enjoyed two breweries, and camped three times in beautiful places, which was truly the highlight of trip. (It really is worth clicking each image to view its full size and to read its caption.)

First Camping Location: Crystal Creek

Second Location: Grand Mesa

Third Location: Kenosha Pass (on the Colorado Trail)

Just as enjoyable, if not more so, was cooking along side Nico using ingredients almost always straight from the fields. We made soooo many tasty meals together.

(Again, it really is worth clicking each image to appreciate its full size.)

So there ya have it… a quick summary of my recent two-week trip to Colorado. Nico was a gracious host, and I canNOT wait to start a life with him. Pretty soon (August 17th) Colorado will become my new home state, and although my heart will always be in Florida with my family and leaving them behind will be very tough, this new adventure with Nico is calling and I am following its voice.


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