Dreams of May

Welcome to the twentieth artist interview on miscellany!
owl scrubbies
Owl scrubbies ($5.75)

(1) Tell us about yourself:

I live in Corona, California.

I am the mother of a wonderful 29 year old man, Louis, who is a tech at BWM Ontario. He is my pride and joy and my only family.

I really don’t have a typical day. It can vary so much due to what I think needs to be accomplished. Depending on what I am trying to accomplish my day can consist of research (new color trends, stitches, yarns, etc), social media (have to keep up with it but not always easy to do), crocheting (new projects, finishing others and developing patterns), photographing items that need to be listed in my shops and looking for new shops to write about in my blog (this is a new endeavor for me). Occasionally my son and I will go on Pokemon runs. This is always fun and filled with laughter. When I’m not working on my craft or social media, I enjoy reading, some of my favorite authors are Clive Cussler, Jayne Ann Krenta, Lillian Jackson Braun, and Rita Mae Brown, just to name a few.

tomato scrubbies
Tomato scrubbies, set of 3 ($7.75)

(2) Tell us what you create: 

I create whatever I can with a crochet hook and yarn. Most of the time it’s dish scrubbies, beanies, scarves, cup sleeves, ice cream pint cozies. I also do custom orders for afghans and clothing (some of which I have designed myself). My grandmother started teaching me to crochet when I was about 5 years old. She was so patient but also very insistent that I learn to crochet the proper way. She started teaching me to do a chain and wouldn’t teach me the next stitch until I could chain repeatedly with the same tension. She did this with all the stitches. I am so thankful that she did this. As a result, I get comments from people all the time about how professional my work is and they wish their stitches looked as even as mine. Through the years I have taught myself other crafts, everything from tatting to quilting but, always stay with crochet. When I was in school, I crocheted to de-stress, now I do it full-time. I believe my work stands out because my items are so unique, I have yet to see scrubbies in the shapes that I make, and have never seen a rasta beanie with crocheted dreadlocks like the ones I create.

citrus scrubbies
Citrus scrubbies, set of 4 ($9.75)

(3) Tell us about your handmade art business: 

My shop got its name from my grandmother who taught me to crochet and who also taught me to never give up my dreams. Thus the name Dreams Of May. I started my Etsy shop years ago with prodding from my then boyfriend (now friend). I now have a shop on ArtYah and do the Corona Farmers Market in the Fall and some craft show around the holidays. My scrubbies (which are a huge part of my repertoire) were the inspiration of my son. I used to make the really large dish cloths. He asked if I could make something smaller that he could fit inside a glass, with his hand. He also wanted to be able to use them to scrub the pots and pans. Yup, he actually does dishes by hand.

My studio is anywhere I happen to be. I take a bag with me wherever I go that may involve a wait of over 2 minutes so I can pull out a project and work. I don’t do waiting well. At home a have a really comfy chair that I park myself in to crochet. I have my yarns stashes in bookshelves, bins, closets, drawers and cupboards (wherever I can find room). My patterns are in my computer, flash drives (yup, more than one, in case I lose one, which I have), shelves, file cabinets, binders, boxes and binders. Well, you get the idea, it has kind of taken over my space.

(4) Tell us about your customers: 

My customers are anyone who wants something fun and unique. I have all ages and genders. I was at a model train show (long story but I had my scrubbies there to sell) and my first customer was a gentleman who came up to me and said his with told him he could buy what he wanted as long as he came to “The Scrubbie Lady” first and got her some scrubbies.

purple cup sleeve
Cup sleeve ($7.00)

(5)Tell us where I can find your art: 

DreamsOfMay can be found on ArtYah, Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram.

My blog can be found here. On Twitter I am @dreams_of_may.

During the fall and holiday season and sometimes in the spring, I do the Corona Farmers Market and the Holiday show at the American Legion in Norco, CA.

I am a member of a couple of teams on Etsy, the primary being The Goal Miners. They are a wonderful group that is so supportive and helpful. Also, the ArtYah community is wonderful. My son and a couple of very close friends are my main support in person. They are always willing to give me honest feedback on new items and color combinations. My son even helps me set-up and tear down at the farmers market and keeps my vehicle in great working order so I can get to shows, the post office (to ship orders) and shops (to buy supplies).

(6) Tell us about your favorites: 

I have so many favorites that it’s hard to pick just one or two. If you follow my on my social media sites, you can see who I favorite. But, if I had to pick a couple, I would say,





http://www.artyah.com/seller/KarenBurkePhotography .






My favorites from my shop differs all the time. Right now, I would have to say it’s my Mr. and Mrs. Piggy Dish scrubbies. When I make the, I can’t help but smile, seeing their faces come to life. Also, the snowman, dish scrubbies and cup sleeves, their faces are always different and again, make me smile.

ice cream pint cover
Pint of ice cream cover ($10.00)

(7) Tell us anything else: 

My advice to others would be the advice my grandmother gave to me, follow your dreams and never give them up. You can do anything you set your mind to. Just keep trying. A couple of inspirational sayings, “Don’t be the cause of your failure. Be the reason for your success” and “One smile. One kind word, one simple act of kindness, can be like the ripples in the water and spread to the farthest shores. Start a ripple.”

On a final note, my first book of patterns is being published by Leisure Arts and should be available sometime in August of 2016. It’s called, “So-Cute Scrubbies.” Look for it at LeisureArts.com and your local craft supply shop.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the interview with Robyn! Please take a look at all the cute and practical crocheted goods in her etsy shop (and elsewhere) and consider purchasing a piece or two!


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