Words of Wisdom Wednesday, no. 34

Every Wednesday I share a quote that resonates with me in some way. This is miscellany‘s thirty-fourth installment of WoWW


I’ve really been trying to focus on positivity recently. And to my surprise, as I’ve ALWAYS considered myself a pessimist, it’s working! I’m not sure if I’ve ever been happier, actually! I love this quote; it resonates with me in one cohesive way, yet it also works in two parts for me…

  1. “Instead of using your mood to decide your action…” For this first part, I take it as a reminder to not let my mood get the best of me. If I am having a rough time at home or in my personal life (mood), it should not effect my work (action).
  2. “… let your action determine your mood.”  This second part reminders me to do the things (action) that make me happy (mood)!
  3. “Instead of using your mood to decide your action, let your action determine your mood.” With both parts together this quotes says, “When I feel like shit (mood) and want to do nothing (action, or lack thereof), I need to get off my ass (action) and do something I love (which will make me happy – mood).”

What does this quotes say to you?


What do you have to say?

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