miscellany (noun): a group or collection of different things; a mixture.

My name is Margaret (although I prefer Margeux) and I created miscellany to share my varied interests with readers. There is no way I can simplify and categorize my blog into the common divisions, so I figured why not cover anything and everything with my writing.

UPDATE:  I moved to Colorado in August 2016 to be with Nicholas, a very special young man. I plan to post here about my transition to a new state and to share the incredible views through photographs.


  • Art history, see Personal below.
  • I LOVE to travel and take every opportunity I can to get away. I studied abroad the summer of 2013 in Florence, Italy. In Fall 2014, I backpacked solo for five weeks in Europe (with an additional week in the States). I’m incredibly lucky and immensely thankful for both opportunities. I have a zillion trips on my wish list both within and outside of the United States. My world map is still growing; so far, I’ve covered 25 of the 50 US States and been to eight other countries. Because I LOVE to research, I plan to share the travel notes I’ve compiled with you. (Click here for photos of me on the road.)
  • These days I’m focusing on getting organized. After living in apartments for some time, my boyfriend and I are currently in an 800 square-foot house built in 1932. I LOVE IT, but obviously organization is key or else we wouldn’t be able to fit everything in!
  • My backpacking trip really taught me I can live with less. My first time in Europe I bought a ton of souvenirs for myself and for my family. While I definitely do not regret these purchases, I realized my second time around I needed to collect moments and not things. Since I’ve been back in the States, I constantly go through my belongings and let go of items I do not need. I’m mostly donating, but also planning a big yard sale.
  • As a recent-ish college graduate, I am rich super broke. I do my best to be thrifty and frugal. While this is currently a necessity, I believe it is also a wonderful permanent way of life. Why not pinch pennies and put them aside for something. (For me, that’s travel.) Repurposing objects makes for fun projects, but also lessens my impact on the environment. Growing my own herbs is way cheaper than buying fresh at the grocery store and is far more satisfying.
  • I’m that annoying girl who is always posting pictures of her food and drinks. This blog gives me an appropriate outlet to share my love of eating and drinking tasty things. The kitchen seems to be where my family assembles when we’re all together. I’m pretty confident in my culinary skills (thanks to my family) and I love adding new recipes to my arsenal.
  • I’d consider myself crafty and I really enjoy diy projects. Luckily, I haven’t had too many pinterest fails. I used to make and sell jewelry on etsy; my shop is currently closed due to time constraints. I blogged for my business and one of my favorite parts was interviewing other artists. I’d contact other sellers and ask them to answer some questions. I’d then post their answers, as well as photographs of their art. I loved helping them get recognized and potentially inspire a sale. If you’re an artist, let’s talk!


I’m a twenty-something Florida girl whose world changed in February 2016. New doors have since opened and I’m leaping through them, looking forward to the new adventures ahead. For example, I’m packing up and moving to Colorado in three weeks. (More about that below.)

I grew up as a competitive swimmer and water is most definitely my element. (Being a scorpio, water is my sign as well.) I belong near it and can’t live without a body of water (ocean, bay, lake, river, creek, anything) close to me.

I graduated from a small, liberal arts honors college located in Sarasota, Florida in May 2014 with a degree in Art History. A master’s level thesis was required to graduate and mine was entitled: “Christ’s Blood and the Side Wound as Fountain, Body, Mouth, and Door: Late Medieval Devotional Imagery in British Library MS Egerton 1821.” In the future, I would like to further my studies on late-medieval/proto-renaissance art and build upon my thesis in graduate school, but I am pretty sure I am not ready to settle down anywhere for that long (nor go into a great deal of debt).

The story of my boyfriend and I isn’t typical. We went to high school together, although we were never close, never hung out with the same crowd. We have been Facebook friends forever and have liked each other’s posts and images, but never really spoke. In April 2016, he messaged me looking to become pen pals and catch up. I received a classical, beautifully handwritten letter from him shortly after. It took me so long to respond (one month plus) that he contacted me on Facebook again to make sure I had even received his letter. I suggested we FaceTime and ever since that first night, after not seeing each other in TEN years, we each knew how things would turn out. I’ve fallen for Nicholas, and I’ve fallen hard. I’m eternally thankful the Universe has sent him to me. I’m so in love and so incredibly happy.

My Colorado Adventure: After spending a two-week “trial period” in July, I realized I need to be with Nicholas in Colorado. I had the most amazing time working on his organic farm and exploring the beautiful outdoors with him. The original plan was to move there in October, but we couldn’t wait that long, so August 17th it is. We’re not quite sure where we’ll end up after his season ends, other than a road trip back to our families in Florida during November. We’re currently planning on staying in Colorado for a while, but who knows? There are so many options for us; the world is our’s for the taking.

I’d love to hear from you!
Please feel free to email me (info.miscellany@gmail.com) or contact me through my social media handles.


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