My Reviews on TripAdvisor

Reviews are a powerful thing.
I know I depend on them, and I do my best to give back to other travelers by writing reviews on TripAdvisor. Here I will link the reviews I have written. This list will surely grow, so check back often for new information!


  1. Marsh’s Library “Such a lovely little library! A hidden gem!”
  2. O’Neills Bar and Restaurant “Best Guinness Stew EVER!!”
  3. Times Hostels – Camden Place “I’ll be back for sure!”
  4. Dublinia: Experience Viking and Medieval Dublin “Best for Children”
  5. SANDEMANs NEW Dublin Tours “The BEST (and most enjoyable) way to learn about Dublin”


  1. Masters Super Fish “The BEST fish and ships in the city” (Yes, I misspelled “chips” … embarrassing).


  1. Egyptian Museum of Turin “Incredible collection!”
  2. Focacceria Tipica Ligure “Amazingly delicious and ridiculously affordable”